Esme Dance Company

Esmé Dance Company

Esmé Dance Company was founded by Veronica Potter in August 2014.
Esmé is a group of artists who are dedicated to the art of dance and sharing their passion.

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From the Dancers

"Esmé means to be loved, to be esteemed. Our version of Emsé is to have love for one another, to lift up one another. We focus on the artistry, the love for dance- why we began in the first place. We will grow together and share our passion with others."
-  Esmé Dance Company

Esme Company

Esmé Company Members

  • Veronica Potter
  • Dani Worthman
  • Daron Linton
  • Rachel Romero
  • Nicole Cappelletty
  • Sierra Barela
  • Courtney Donohoe
  • Shannon Worthman
  • Mandy Barben
  • Katie Weeks Hays

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Gravity Dance Collective Ballet Class

Our Home Studio

Esmé Dance Company members teach at Gravity Dance Collective and the company practices in this great space. See upcoming classes and try any class free the first time!

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