Esme Dance Company in Field

Esmé | Concept History


Creating Esmé

As in any highly-competitive field, there is a certain amount of judgement and ego that goes along with competitive dance companies. The concept for Esmé was born from recognizing that competition and criticism are only positive when coming from a place of love and acceptance. This is how Esmé came to exist. Esmé is the space for talented, driven dancers to come together in support of each other. In Esmé, we judge passion, technical dance ability, and desire to grow. Before all else, we share the common love of dance as an art and means of self-expression.


Esmé Today

Esmé comes together each Sunday morning and Wednesday evening to train, choreograph, and prepare for performances. The culture of Esmé is of the upmost importance. Dancers are encourraged to train hard, perform with emotion, and bring experiences from their lives outside of Esmé to the table as inspiration.

If you have 5+ years of dance experience and would like to be part of a passionate, professional dance company contact Esmé today.