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Over the 6-week Web Design for Beginners course, you’ll learn how to build and manage multi-page websites using HTML and CSS. You’ll learn all the necessary code to create web pages layouts, effective navigations, and web hosting.

The classes will be taught within a classroom at Alchemy Creative Workspace in Denver where you'll work together with other classmates and connect to the instructor who will be teaching remotely.

Students will learn all of the core material during the class times, but those that have any time to practice outside of class will be able to create more personalized projects, even if the practice is spent more after the course.

Our Web Design for Beginners course is the ideal starting point for those that wish to:

  • Build web pages for your own personal portfolio and/or hobby.
  • Get paid by small businesses for creating a new website.
  • Make updates to an existing business website.
  • Test the waters of coding to see if it is something you really enjoy.
  • Prepare for admissions into full-time code bootcamps or colleges.

Have Questions?

We understand that it can seem a little daunting signing up for a class like this. We will be happy to connect with you by phone or video conference and answer any questions you have. Please feel free to reach out to us here.

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The web workshop has done wonders for my professional life. I still stand by the statement that I learned more in the Web Design for Beginners (HTML/CSS) course with you (Matthew Leach) than in 4 years of college.

Learning HTML/CSS and then JavaScript has allowed me to take on more responsibility with our email strategy as well as really dive into our marketing automation strategy (turns out understanding HTML/CSS and JavaScript is very important to effectively tracking online marketing conversions and proving ROI).

- Danielle Worthman

Additional Benefits:

  • Learn from a remote instructor that provides personalized assistance throughout the entire course.
  • Detailed course curriculum providing the support and options available each step of the way.
  • Free coworking access at Alchemy Creative Workspace: A coworking space in Denver, Colorado.

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